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Can Yoga at the Airport Ease Stress?

It is the part of a holiday that most of us dread, the very beginning of the journey in fact – the airport. Most people find the airport experience, with the queues and threat of delays extremely stressful and verging on traumatic. However, one airport in San Francisco has attempted to combat their customer’s stress levels with the first ever airport Yoga Lounge.

San Francisco Airport has taken the norm of a cramped and noisy departure lounge to the next level, by creating a calming blue room in which all noise is banned and the relaxing practice of Yoga can be enjoyed. The room was designed after a suggestion from a passenger, as part of a refurbishment of the airport’s terminal 2. The new lounge is the first yoga room at any airport in the world, and gives passengers the time to properly relax and stretch the body before a long and taxing flight.

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