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Can you afford to fall ill on holiday?

According to recent statistics from the Foreign & Coomonwealth Office, the number of British Holidaymakers who required hopsitral treatment abroad rose from 3689 in 2009/10 to 3752 in 2010/11.

The average medical claim was £1333, with the USA (unsurprisingly top with an average claim of £4,700 and Greece the lowest with an average of £422. Cyprus and Spain were fourth & fifth respectively with £1,100.

The top 10 most commom complaints (average cost in brackets)were:

  1. Ear Infection (£320)
  2. Wound (£770)
  3. Broken bones (£4,200)
  4. Respiratory (£4,230)
  5. Sprain (£2,100)
  6. Skin infection / inflamation (£900)
  7. Insect Bite (£370)
  8. Cardiac (£8,100)
  9. Minor Infections of ear nose or throat (£490)
  10. Back Pain (£1,220)

Remember that a European Health Insurance Card is no substitute for travel insurance – it is only valid within the European Union, and may not cover all of the medical costs.

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