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Can you return home for a visit whilst on a backpacking trip?

If you are planning a backpacking or longstay trip overseas but potentially returning home during the trip for a short period, regardless of the reason, most backpackers travel insurance policies will stop when you return to the UK. That’s great if it is the end of your trip, but what about if you are planning on returning for a family members birthday, to collect exam results, or for any other reason and then want to carry on with your trip?


It can prove a rather expensive and inconvenient option to buy two or three travel insurance policies and have them running concurrently. are pleased to be able to offer a solution.

On all of our longstay travel insurance policies and backpackers travel insurance policies we offer a return home option. You can select this as an option online or as part of a telephone booking.

Upon selecting and paying for the return home option, you will be able to return home during life of the travel insurance policy, without the policy permanently ending upon arrival back to the UK.

Instead the policy is suspended until you board the plane on the way back to continue your trip. As well as the policy covering medical emergencies during the flights back and out again, the policy allows for up to three return home trips, as long as each trip does not exceed 31days. It is perhaps obvious, but worth pointing out that the insurance will not cover the costs of the flights home.

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