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Car Crash Victim Celebrates Life by Swimming with Sharks

Bucket lists are extremely personal and vary for each individual person; they could involve lounging on beautiful beaches around the world, visiting ancient wonders or extreme activities like bungee jumping. For Mr and Mrs Robertson-Brown from Manchester, their bucket list involved swimming with sharks.

Animal - Hammerheard Shark

Hammerhead sharks to be precise, as the fearless couple had already swum with Tiger Sharks, Reef Sharks and even Crocodiles!
A few years ago Mr Robertson-Brown was unfortunately involved in a car accident, which left his left hand paralysed and caused damage to his neck. He will eventually require an operation to try and repair the damage, but any complications could mean that he will never be able to dive again.
With this in mind, the couple travelled to Bimini Islands in the Bahamas to ensure that if this was Mr Robertson-Brown’s last dive, it would be a memorable one.
Dead fish were thrown into the water to tempt the sharks, in the hopes that they would appear and then stick around long enough for a great dive and some amazing photos. The couple were very lucky, as the sharks swam around them for over an hour, getting so close they even bumped into their camera a few times.
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