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Carnival Cruises Unveils Futuristic Technology for Ships

At the 2017 CES Gadget Show in Las Vegas, Carnival Cruises unveiled futuristic technology which will be debuted on their Royal Princess ship this year. The technology centres on giving all passengers a wearable coin-sized ‘medallion’ tracker, which will help the ship and crew better serve the customer.

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Imagine your room door unlocking as you approach, or crew members knowing your favourite drink? The medallion is predominantly a concierge gadget, which allows staff to personalise their service to you. The medallion tells staff (armed with tablet computers) about your planned and past activities, so they know exactly what you like to eat and drink, and even whether you’re late for an on-board yoga class!

The medallion also doubles up as 1) a payment method, allowing you to add drinks or souvenirs to your tab without the need of a swipe card or signature, and 2) a navigation system around the ship to help you find where you want to go.

If the thought of this ‘all knowing’ technology makes you nervous, never fear because they have added security protocols, for example really personal information will not be stored on the device, and staff will be able to check the guest photo connected to the medallion to ensure the correct person is using it. You will also be given the option to use the device as much or as little as you like.

The new tech will be available on their Royal Princess ship in November 2017, with the plan to roll out to all their other ships after that.

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