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Carnival’s New Cruise Ship

Carnival has launched its newest and most innovative cruise ship to date; ‘the Vista’, which promises to ‘switch on the fun’ for its passengers (both young and old), including a water park, brewery, cinema, non-stop port visits and adrenaline pumping SkyRide.


This ship, which weighs 133,500 tons and can carry up to 4,000 passengers, boasts its own brewery, the first Imax cinema at sea, an 800 foot SkyRide above top deck and the tempting Blue Iguana Tequila Bar. If that isn’t enough to keep you entertained, the ship’s water park offers a 455 foot slide, including corkscrew turns and hallucinatory light effects, plus a 300 gallon capacity bucket which spills onto the heads of anyone below when it gets too full.

Furthermore, for the kids (and the inner child in you) the ship also offers a Dr Seuss themed breakfast, including ‘appetising’ green eggs and red pancakes.

If you prefer your cruises a little more cultured, the cruise is very heavily port based, stopping in Arcelona,  Marseilles, Livorna (for Florence and Pisa), Rome, Naples, Crete, Rhodes, Kusadasi and Athens – so there should be plenty of scope for exploration during the trip.

If you’re planning a cruise, just remember to invest in specialist travel insurance before you set sail. Many travel insurance policies won’t cover cruising as standard, and if they do the policy usually won’t include any specialist cover for things like on-board medical treatment, ship to shore repatriation or missed port visits. For more information on cruise travel insurance, visit

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