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Cayman Islands withdraws Wedding Dress Tax

When planning a destination wedding, many couples will consider the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean. The Cayman Islands are absolutely stunning, and offer fantastic beaches, quaint churches and a real taste of relaxed elegance and ‘bare foot’ luxury.

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However, many couples may not have realised that the Cayman Islands used to impose a tax on wedding attire, which would need to be paid on arrival to the country. This obviously caused a certain amount of stress for engaged couples, who were forced to pay the deposit or risk run-ins with government staff.
However, effective immediately the Cayman Government have now revised their customs laws, which means that new and second hand wedding dresses can be brought through the country duty-free.
This incident just goes to show how much research is necessary when considering a wedding abroad, to ensure you avoid any disasters. If you’re considering a wedding abroad, make sure you research the following points;
• Weather – exotic locations will usually be top of the list for destination weddings, however not all countries offer fantastic weather at all times of the year – and it is usually at these times when prices will be at their cheapest. Check whether there is a heavy rain season, or whether the location is prone to floods or tornadoes before you book anything.
• Documents – in some countries you will be required to get a special wedding visa, to explain your entry to the country and to allow you to get married. Without this, you could be deported back to the UK.
• Research – booking a wedding in a different country is definitely a challenging task, so to make sure your investments and bookings are safe, always do plenty of research before you book anything. Can you find any reviews of the company online from previous customers/brides? Are they recommended? Do they have financial failure protection in place?
• Get Expert Advice – if you want accurate information on things to look out for, go straight to the country’s official tourism site, or to the British Consulate for that country, as they will be able to advise you on the more difficult legal requirements.

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