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Celebrate Winter in 007 Style

The new James Bond thriller ‘Skyfall’ is set to be released on the 26th October, and marks the 50th Anniversary of the 007 hero.

007, james bond, gun barrel

Most fans will remember sitting on the edge of their seats watching Roger Moore’s high speed ski chases; Bond is desperately skiing off piste across treacherous terrain as baddies chase after him, bullets are flying as they dodge trees and eventually ski off mountains..

Roger Moore was the most supreme skiing Bond, taking to the slopes in three of his films, but two other Bonds also put on their skis for an action scene.

So far, James Bond has actually taken to the slopes in five of the action packed films;


Movie Title
Winter Sports Location
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
George Lazenby
The Swiss Alps
The Spy who Loved Me
Roger Moore
The Austrian Alps
For Your Eyes Only
Roger Moore
The Italian Alps
A View To A Kill
Roger Moore
The Siberian Mountains
The World Is Not Enough
Pierce Brosnan
The Caucasus Mountains

With the winter season fast approaching, what better way for James Bond fans to celebrate then to head on a winter sports holiday? You could even visit some of the Bond locations above.

If you do plan a Winter Sports holiday this season, either Skiing or Snowboarding (on or off piste,) or even Snow Mobiling or Snow Kiting, you must invest in specialist and adequate travel insurance. Without travel insurance you leave yourself vulnerable to potentially colossal bills if you become injured on the slopes or if your/hired equipment becomes lost or damaged.

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