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Celebrity Backpackers

According to recent news, Olympic Diver Tom Daley is set to be the newest celebrity traveller, as he takes part in a documentary for ITV called ‘Tom Takes on the World’.

Mr Daley will follow in the footsteps of other celebrity travellers such as Michael Palin and Karl Pilkington, as he travels around the world with his best friend. However, interestingly Tom will be approaching the trip as a backpacker.

Mr Daley, who won Bronze at the London 2012 Olympics, will travel to New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Thailand and Morocco as part of the backpacking documentary.

This trip couldn’t have come at a better time, as Daley is currently suffering from an arm injury which has been affecting his diving. This trip should give him the opportunity to fully recover, and to explore life outside of the rigid routine all athletes face daily.

Mr Daley is in his late teens, which puts him in the same age group as most first time backpackers, who are perhaps taking a gap year before work or university. It will be extremely interesting to see the highs and lows of backpacking adventures captured on film, and should help to alleviate the misconceptions many have about Longstay travellers.

If you’re thinking about planning a backpacking trip, this documentary could be a great place to start, if it realistically shows the experiences of backpacking. The documentary should include; exciting new cultures, what hostels are really like, homesickness, culture shock and how this type of trip can affect even the closest friendships.

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