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Check your travel insurance policy

If you are thinking of taking valuable items on holiday with you, it is important that you check your travel insurance policy carefully.

A travel insurance policy will have two specific limits within its personal possessions cover relating to the maximum amount it will pay out in the event of a claim for one single article, as well as the total amount it will pay out in respect of valuables.

For example your holiday insurance might cover you for £250 for any one item, but then limit the total amount you clan claim for valuables to £250. So if you were to lose a camera worth £100, a watch worth £150, and a bracelet worth £150, the most the policy would pay you would be £250.

A travel insurance policy will expect you to take care of your possessions, and will not cover you unless you are actually wearing the items, or have locked them in a hotel safe, or safely locked away in your holiday accommodation.

You should also be able to prove that you had these items, either by way of the receipt, guarantee certificate, or user manual. With regards to jewellery insurers will usually accept a photograph of you wearing the item.

The most sensible thing to do is to insure your valuable items under your home insurance policy; after all they are valuable and important to you 365 days of the year, whether you are in Bognor or Benidorm! offer competitive travel insurance, with multiple levels of cover allowing you to choose the best policy for your needs.
Single trip travel insurance is ideal for people who do not travel frequently throughout the year.
If you plan to travel more than twice a year try annual multi trip travel insurance .
Cover includes medical emergencies, repatriation, personal liability, legal expenses, personal belongings, missed departure, departure delay, personal money, travel documents, hospital benefit, personal accident and much more.

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