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Children and Sun Burn

According to a recent study by, parents are not being careful enough when it comes to protecting their children against the sun whilst abroad. In fact, over 60% of the parents surveyed with children under 10 years old admitted that their child had been sunburnt on every holiday.


The reasons for this error seem to be mixed, with 4% of parents not using any sunscreen on their children at all, 8% ‘not bothered’ about the risks, and 1/7 letting their children take care of their own sun protection.
The survey then asked parents who did use sun protection, what factor they used for their children, and the average response was SPF 15. This is a shocking oversight, as the recommended factor for children is 30 or above, as this should stop the sun’s rays from injuring your child’s delicate skin.
When asked about their reactions to sunburn, 42% of parents admitted they had been upset by their child’s burns, and 39% were embarrassed that they had allowed their child to become burnt.
It can be really difficult to ensure your child is protected against the sun’s rays, especially if they’re in and out of the pool or sea, however it is really important to ensure their skin does not become damaged. Follow these basic rules below to try and keep your child protected;
• Apply a layer of sunscreen with a factor of at least 30 to your child’s skin, ensuring that you cover any areas which might be caught by the sun, including the back of their necks and shoulders.

• If you can, try to ensure your child wears t-shirts and hats as much as possible.

• Keep your child hydrated to avoid dehydration and sun stroke.

• Reapply sunscreen every few hours, and after every dip in the pool or sea once they are dry.

• At night, ensure you apply after sun or moisturiser to your child’s skin.

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