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Christmas Markets

At this time of year, as the Christmas adverts begin to creep onto our TVs, it is hard not to think about the endless list of presents, food, drink and trinkets we need to buy.

However, some of this stress can be taken away by visiting a ‘Christmas Market’, a street market which takes place in countries around the world during Advent and the build up to Christmas.

Although the Christmas Market originated in Germany, they now take place in various countries around the world, most noticeably in;

• Croatia
• Holland
• Hungary
• Canada
• Czech Republic
• France
• Spain
• Switzerland
• Italy

Beautiful food, drink, presents, gadgets and decorations can be found on these market stalls, not to mention beautiful nativity scenes which cannot fail to fill even the most determined Ebeneezer Scrooge with the Spirit of Christmas

You could visit these markets for a different type of day out or turn your visit into a holiday, to make sure you don’t miss a bargain, as hotels and hostels are widely available close to the markets.

Why not visit historic Salzburg, home of Mozart and ‘The Sound of Music’? Salzburg’s Christmas Market is most spectacular around the 5th December which is Krampustag (Krampus Day). This pagan festival involves young men dressed as Krampus with devils masks, fur and ox tails and branches which they use as ‘weapons’. Their job is to drive off the evil spirits ready for the celebration of St Nikolas Day on the 6th December and to prepare us all for Christmas.

So instead of trailing round and round the jam packed, queue ridden High Street this year, why not do something different and visit a truly seasonal Christmas Market, to get you into the holiday spirit without the stress.

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