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City Breaks Top in 2015

According to a new report released by the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), Brits are planning more city breaks than beach holidays in 2015.This trend has continued since last year, when 43% of people surveyed were planning a city break, compared to 42% who were planning a beach holiday in 2014.

Another trend uncovered by ABTA’s research, is a strong desire amongst British holidaymakers for a more local and authentic experience, as opposed to a few years ago when the majority favoured British food and entertainment whilst abroad.

Furthermore, whilst searching for more exotic cultural experiences, Brits will apparently stop playing it safe with their destination choices in 2015, with 35% travelling to a destination they have never visited before. 20% of respondents also said they would be spending more on their holidays this year, compared to 15% who would spend less.

The emerging destinations highlighted by the study include;




• Dominican Republic

• Japan

• Latvia

• La Gomera in Spain

• Norway

• Pacific Coast in the USA

• Singapore

• The Netherlands

• The Peloponnese in Greece

It’s so fantastic to see people more confident in their travel plans, and moving away from priorities like sunshine and tanning to amazing cultural experiences.

If you’re planning a city break or a new adventure in 2015, just remember to invest in quality travel insurance before your trip. Without holiday insurance you could be vulnerable to a holiday disaster and expensive bills if something goes wrong. Visit Holidaysafe for more information on city break travel insurance.

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