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Could a holiday abroad actually save you money?

According to high street travel agent Thomas Cook, travellers are not only making a holiday abroad a priority in 2012, but they could also save money by holidaying abroad rather than in Britain.

Foolowing their annual customer survey they discovered that over 30% said that a foreign holiday was a major priority in 2012, + 1% from the 2011 survey. However, unsurprisingly considering the current economic climate, one in five of all people surveyed commented that they aimed to spend less on, and during, their holiday this year.

The results are not in the least surprising; Britons are increasingly stressed and so need a holiday in order to relax. Furthermore, because they will need to budget to afford the holiday, they are not willing to risk bad weather by holidaying in Britain. In fact, only 17% were planning a holiday in Briton this year, -1% from 2011.

Unsurprisingly Thomas Cook are pleased with this data, and are encouraging the trend, stating that it could in fact be cheaper to holiday abroad. Apparently the UK is the most expensive place to holiday in Europe, compared to countries like Spain who offer great value on holiday essentials, such as food and sun tan lotion.

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