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Could Space Travel be your next Big Adventure?

Many children dream of being astronauts when they are younger, exploring the deep corners of our solar system and gazing back at Earth. Now, in 2014 Sir Richard Branson is paving the way for this dream to become a reality, with his commercial space line ‘Virgin Galactic’.

In January 2014 the space line completed its third successful rocket powered supersonic flight, which means that in the not too distant future, Virgin Galactic may start offering trips to passengers.
This third flight was testing new additions to the spacecraft, including a special thermal coating and a reaction control system, all of which seemed to work successfully.

You can already pre-book a seat for a trip to space, however you will need to have a spare $250,000 handy – but deposits are refundable if you change your mind! There are two booking options when planning your spaceflight – for the above mentioned amount you can book a seat, and join the community of over 600 future astronauts and growing, plus entry to special events. One the other hand, you could charter a spaceship for you and up to 5 friends – however the price for this package is not mentioned.

It seems utterly bizarre that in a few years’ time, we may be comparing routes through space, looking at traveller reviews and comparing space travel prices. However, unfortunately I don’t think this type of travel will be available to people without $250,000 to spare anytime soon.

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