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Crashing back to Reality

All at once it seems that summer is over in the UK, and autumn is officially upon us! The weather is considerably colder, wetter and more miserable – which is a perfect backdrop for returning to school or university after the summer break. For many, the summer of 2013 has been brilliant, with amazing festivals, weather and adventures taking Brits around the world. However, now the start of the next education year marks a massive increase in day dreaming about future careers and adventures, possibly including beautiful beaches and faraway places.


If you’ve got the back to school, university of even work blues, why not set yourself some positive goals to complete before the end of 2013, or before next summer. Setting some milestones will not only improve your mood on cold autumn days, but will also help you to figure out exactly what makes you happiest and most passionate – which should help you with any future career or life plans.

Some ideas could include;
• Go to a festival – festivals in the UK have been amazing this year, and there are thousands more around the world taking place all the time! Why not take some friends to indulge your passion for music or culture.
Visit somewhere new – whether this is somewhere in the UK you are really interested in, or somewhere further from home, why not visit somewhere new to improve your horizons.
Indulge your passion – you could enrol on a course, look at university places or even just take some classes (for example yoga, IT, fasion, trade or photography). This will be an investment in your future, and could even be a step towards your dream career.
Do more for others – there are very worthy charity projects all over the UK and worldwide, so it is really easy to get involved and help others.
Witness something amazing – this may sound very vague, but it totally depends on what you class as ‘amazing’. You could take part in an internship, shadow a career you are really interested in, travel to visit an active volcano, or the amazing Northern Lights.
If any of your list items involve travelling either abroad or around the UK, just remember to invest in travel insurance before you depart. Visit for more information.

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