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Cruise Ship Nightmare

In early December, P&O’s Cruise Ship Oriana set off for a 10 day Christmas tour of Europe’s best Christmas markets, however, just six hours after the ship departed, passengers started to complain about feeling unwell. The dream cruise holiday then turned into a nightmare, as 300 passengers became violently ill after an outbreak of the unpleasant Norovirus aboard the ship.

Norovirus is highly contagious and causes violent vomiting and diahorrea. According to passengers, when they boarded the ship they were warned that there had been a small and controlled outbreak of the virus on the previous cruise. However, P&O Cruises deny that passengers could have become infected from their ship, 1) because the first case was reported far too quickly and 2) because the ship was cleaned thoroughly before the new passengers were allowed to board. 

Nevertheless, the outbreak ruined hundreds of holidays, as passengers with symptoms were told to remain in their cabin for at least 48 hours, and were not allowed to leave the ship when it docked at scheduled locations. Passengers on the Oriana had spent around £800 to £1,500 on the cruise, and many are now discussing compensation with P&O.

This unfortunate incident just shows the importance of investing in specialist travel insurance when you book a cruise holiday. Cruisers should always invest in insurance which offers cover and compensation for cabin confinement and missed excursions due to illness, plus emergency medical treatment, ship to shore repatriation, and a Doctor managed medical emergency helpline. Visit for more information on specialist Cruise travel insurance.

The Oriana has already left for another cruise, this time for 23 days.

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