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Cruising on the Wrong Ship

Apparently it is extremely easy to find yourself on the wrong boat when cruising abroad, and the people who do, rarely come back!

According to Cruise Chiefs, a third of people who cruise for the first time are choosing the wrong type of ship for their maiden voyage, and this is discouraging them from cruise holidays in the future.

Despite some recent negative press, the cruise industry is actually going from strength to strength, because they really do offer holidays for a range of ages, interests and locations.

Ship – There are some cruises tailored to young couples and families, which offer a range of activities including swimming, surfing, and indoor climbing, plus much more. On the other hand, there are also cruises for the more mature traveler, with amazing food, wine, and entertainment. This should help to reassure anyone worried about being ‘stuck’ on board – there is always plenty to do and see if you choose the right cruise for you.

Shore – The next important thing to consider when picking a cruise holiday is which destinations you want to visit. Cruise holidays are amazingly unique in that you get to explore the world by sea (which is much more interesting than by air), and visit a number of destinations in one trip. There are a number of different cruise routes around the world, depending on how long you have and where you want to visit. You could opt for a stunning Caribbean cruise, or opt for a Northern Lights adventure.

Whichever ship or destination you choose, make sure you do plenty of research and purchase specialist Cruise Travel insurance before you set sail. Without quality cover you could find yourself in hot water if you fall ill on board, or if you miss your departure or port stop. Visit for more information.

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