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Cruising still a Niche Market

According to a recent survey conducted by, Cruising is still very much a niche market, with 78% of their 2,146 participants saying they had not been on a cruise holiday before.

The survey, which questioned participants 30 years old and over, asked why they had not been cruising, and 2/5 of the respondents, said they could not afford a cruise, and 1/5 said they could not take enough time off work. A further 12% said they had never considered a cruise when planning their holidays.

When asked what factors would make them more likely to consider a cruise holiday, 62% of the participants replied ‘more port departure options in the UK’, and nearly 50% wanted ‘more flight and cruise holiday packages’ – these elements would reduce the cost of travel, as many struggle to afford the price of flying to a port to meet the ship, plus the cost of the cruise itself.

Although sometimes more expensive than a regular holiday, a cruise holiday presents a rare opportunity to completely relax, and to travel to a range of different places and countries. A cruise offers something for everyone; sumptuous food, entertainment, relaxation and activities.

However, it seems that many holidaymakers are worried about the cost of a cruise holiday, not just economically but also on their time. For most holidaymakers, their only hurry is to leave the beach and get to the airport on time; however when it comes to a cruise holiday the timing involves fitting in flights, traveling to the ship and meeting it before it departs. Then when it comes to getting home, you need to make sure you get off the boat and to the airport in time to catch your flight. If any element is delayed you could miss your flights or even the entire cruise!

This is why it is so vital that people invest in specialist cruise travel insurance as soon as they book their cruise. Without specialist insurance you could find yourself severely out of pocket if something goes wrong. With quality travel insurance you can simply relax and enjoy your cruise, safe in the knowledge that you are fully protected against a holiday disaster. Visit for more information.

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