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Cyprus – the Perfect Family Holiday Destination

A member of our customer services team describes his favourite family holiday destination – Cyprus.


Although it’s hard to find the perfect get away destination, for the right price, it isn’t impossible.

For a reasonable budget, I enjoyed a relatively luxurious trip to Cyprus (Paphos and Limassol). I started in Paphos enjoying the beauty and elegance of the town and felt warmed by the older family run businesses. Although I noticed that a certain amount of commercialism had crept into the tranquillity, I still felt the town as a whole had something for everyone, and the further out you travelled, the more Paphos had to give.

I stayed in a number of hotels throughout my trip and started in the Annabelle. From the moment I arrived until my stay ended, I was surrounded with an essence of grandeur. Everything from the sheets on the bed, to the plates in the dining room had been thought through to give the perfect holiday experience. We were welcomed at the door and treated as royalty straight away. Our stay really did feel like the perfect get away from stress and even responsibility.

Our next hotel didn’t take much effort to move to as it was only next door in the Annabelle’s sister hotel “the Almyra”. The level of service was set at just the same quality, but the hotels could not have been more different. Where the Annabelle gave what could only be described as a ‘titanic-esc’ feeling of beauty and traditionalism, the Almyra was a modern work of art. As stunning as it was, I felt a little nervous to walk through the pristine and art-filled hallways. The Almyra did offer so much more for the younger guest, such as a gym and full spa, tennis courts, water sports and so much more. The value was astounding, and, as a father, I appreciated the extra activities on offer for my 2-year-old son. There were options for a family room with its own gardens or a crèche if you want a few hours to yourself. It was a truly incredible experience, and I would highly recommend the Almyra to anyone (be it family, couple or even a single traveller).

Next on our unforgettable journey, was the Royal Apolonia in Limassol, which offered the perfect balance for families (in my opinion). It offered a level of comfort between the grand atmosphere of the Annabelle and the surgically clean feeling in the Almyra. Although the location somewhat lacked the same level of central convenience, (being that Limassol is basically a strip along the coastline and really offers very little compared to Paphos), there was very little reason to leave the comfort of the hotel.

The family rooms were incredibly well presented, offering the comfort of knowing your children were safe in the same room, but the all important privacy a partition, giving the feeling of independence and peace of mind. The bathrooms were all designer and the showers were almost futuristic, with almost 360-degree massaging jets. The pool offered a bar, the clearest water I’ve had the pleasure to swim in, and the children’s pool had plenty of activities to enjoy. The only point of enjoyment that surpassed the hotel was the private beach. The water sat so calm and clear. The sand was so soft and relaxing, almost like walking on a bed of silk. And the rocks either side were the perfect finish to the experience. I felt that my evenings had been taken over by the beauty of sitting on top of the rocks and watching the water gently roll up and over them. It felt like a small piece of paradise.

However, the real pièce de résistance was the hotel’s private beach. The water sat calm and clear, the sand was soft and relaxing (almost like walking on a bed of silk), and the rocks either side were the perfect frame. It felt like a small piece of paradise- what more could you want?

In summary of my short experience of heaven, I would say that, although Cyprus has experienced its fair share of ups and downs over the last few years, it has maintained a certain level of beauty and tranquillity everyone can enjoy for a very reasonable price.

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