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Dancing around Germany and Studying Abroad


What is your name and where have you been?

My name is Larrisa and I travelled to Munich, Germany


How old were you when you first went travelling?



What made you decide to take the leap and go travelling?

I’m half German, so I’ve visited Germany a lot; however I wanted to experience living in another country and to properly learn the language. I auditioned for dance schools and accepted a place.


How long were you away?

Currently I’ve been away for 2 months, but I’ve been living abroad for three years (coming home during the summer and for Christmas).


How did you plan your trip?

I planned the trip by myself, by auditioning at dance schools independently.


Did you need any medical treatment/did you visit any hospitals while you were away?

Not yet!


Is there anywhere you would recommend everyone visit?

Munich – Oktoberfest and a Christmas market!


Where have you stayed?

Student living accommodation


What kind of traveller really annoys you?

Anyone unorganised who gets in everyone’s way!


What piece of travel gear would you recommend to everyone?



What has been the highlight of your trip so far?

The highlight has been being part of a different the culture. It has been really interesting to experience German festivals and the differences between England and Germany.


Have there been any low points during your time away from home?

Not yet…


Have you worked during your trip?



Did you do any exciting/adventurous activities?

Not yet!


What one piece of advice would you give anyone planning to go travelling?

Just make sure you know where you’re staying, it can be really stressful if you arrive in a location without a place to stay.


Would you recommend travelling solo or in a group?

If you’re well organised and can easily adapt, then travel solo!

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