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Danger lurks – even at home!

The great British holiday is a national institution; holidays to Brighton Pier and Butlins are at the forefront of most childhood memories. The United Kingdom has some beautiful and exciting holiday destinations, whether you are caravanning by the sea in Cornwall, or lounging in a luxury hotel in the West End.

Let’s face it, in Britain you are hardly likely to face a hurricane or earthquake, plus you can avoid the entire airport experience and simply drive in comfort to your chosen destination. The only risk worth considering is the weather…. or is it?

What would happen if you were suddenly taken ill and had to cancel your trip? Or worse still, you are taken ill whilst away and admitted to hospital? Whilst the medical treatment might be free, there is still the additonal cost of getting the family back home, or of someone travelling to bring you home.

Despite the unwavering popularity of UK holidays, an incredible 55% of British travellers do not take out travel insurance when holidaying within their own country. This is compared to the 19% of British holiday makers who risk travelling abroad without first purchasing a travel insurance policy.

Where ever you decide to holiday this year, whether abroad or at home, a top quality travel insurance policy should be at the top of your priority list. Otherwise you could leave yourself vulnerable to expensive medical bills, the risk of cancellation charges or be unprotected if your treasured gadgets or belongings are damaged or stolen.

For true piece of mind, whether at home or abroad visit

Their flexible single trip holiday insurance offers cover for all – the individual, a group of friends, a couple or the whole family. You can tailor your policy to suit your individual needs, from basic travel insurance to the best comprehensive travel cover, all with cheap travel insurance prices to match. Plus, they offer discounts for couples and free insurance for children.

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