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Desert Island Discs

One of the longest running radio programmes is “Desert Island Discs” – even if you have never listened to BBC Radio 4, you will be aware of the idea. A celebrity is asked to name which records they would like to listen to if they were marooned on a desert island and then they are asked to choose which one they would save if the island were suddenly struck by a natural disaster.

Music is always personal, despite the ‘pop’ culture that we live in today. A song, or an instrumental strikes a chord with our emotions, and makes us feel happy, romantic, or sad.

A persons favourite song usually evokes a memory of a special event or time in their lives, or it reminds them of a loved one and so the choice of record to save is a deeply personal one.

In our modern world, it is now possible to carry our complete music collection around with us in the form of an mp3 player, and what better time to listen to your music than when relaxing on the beach or by the pool on holiday. But what would happen if you lost your mp3 player or had it stolen whilst you are away? Your travel insurance policy will cover the loss of the actual mp3 player, but not the value of the music recorded on it. It is always advisable, therefore, to have your collection backed up on your computer at home, so that you do not lose any of your tunes.

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