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Diamond Thief

A holiday is meant to be a time to relax,to unwind in the sun or by the sea.

However, sometimes we relax so much that we let our guard down more than we would at home. For example, have you ever fallen asleep by the pool or on the beach, leaving your bag with your purse, passport, phone and MP3 player lying by your chair? Or have you ever left your handbag on the floor while you had lunch in a restaurant whilst abroad?

One British lady did just that during a holiday in Spain recently; she left her bag on the floor while she had a relaxing lunch with her friend in a restaurant. A thief then casually strolled past her and picked it up.

The thief must have thought that he had struck gold when he found a diamond pendant inside; however, he was stopped by police and luckily the bag and diamond were recovered – but not before the thief had swallowed it, ………. and then passed it again!

It’s a horrible thought, but the truth is that most of us have been less than vigilant with our belongings at some point during our holiday,simply because we are so relaxed that we feel safe and secure. However, when you are away from home you probably need to be even more vigilant in order to you to protect your belongings.

Holidaysafe travel insurance protects your belongings items against theft or damage.

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