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Did you get sun burnt this week?

This week everyone in the UK has enjoyed and indulged in the beautiful weather, but according to research conducted on behalf of Solaveil, a large proportion of the population are taking unnecessary risks when it comes to sun burn.

Every year we are warned about the dangers of sun burn and skin cancer, but it seems that many Britons; especially the younger population, are ignoring the advice. The research questioned 1,000 people and found that over 20% of all 18-24 year olds did not wear sun protection in the UK, and did not think it was necessary. Thankfully, 35-44 year olds are a bit more sensible, with a mere 5% not wearing sun cream in the UK.

Between the sexes, women are stereotypically believed to be the ones who love to sun bathe and get burnt. However the most shocking statistics found by the researchers involved the male population. Just under 50% of men admitted to getting sun brunt at a sporting match or festival, compared to only 1/3 women. Furthermore, 20% of men believed you could be in the sun for an hour before needing sun protection.

If you are planning a UK break or a holiday abroad to hotter climates, always remember to wear sun screen, and to make your loved ones it to! The lowest factor you should use is 15, (anything below this is basically useless,) you should also reapply lotion every hour, and after you have been in water – to avoid burning.

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