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Disabled Passengers Avoid Flying

Trying to navigate the airport is almost always a stressful process, the hustle and bustle, the endless queues and not to mention the inevitable delays. However, very few of us stop to think how amplified this stress would be if we had a disability.

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According to recent research by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), people with reduced mobility or disabilities are significantly less likely to fly than other passengers, with just 39% of disabled travellers classed as ‘recent flyers’ in the last 12 months.
However, the research also found that nearly 80% of holidaymakers who did travel with a disability were satisfied with the special assistance they received at the airport. Furthermore, the research also found that disabled ‘recent flyers’ were just as likely to travel multiple times a year as other passengers.
This research seems to prove that airports are meeting expectations when it comes to special assistance, so why are so many disabled travellers choosing not to fly? The reason could of course be medical, or simply preference, however the CAA’s research suggests that reduced mobility travellers were actually afraid that something would go wrong.
This is a common worry amongst disabled travellers, however fear alone should not hold you back from travelling. Visit your doctor and get advice about flying, if he thinks you are fit to fly there is nothing to stop you. Make sure you book special assistance in advance when you book your tickets, and ensure you invest in quality travel insurance (just in case).

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