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Do Holiday Reviews Influence your Choices?

Researching your next holiday is extremely exciting, you plan transport to beautiful locations and bookings to stay in relaxing accommodation. Nowadays, many of us turn to the internet rather than travel agents, to look for deals, to research our plans and then to actually book the holiday.

However, this new ‘DIY’ model of holiday planning seems to have turned us all into investigators, as according to new findings by ‘Explore Research’ 9/10 of us search the internet for online reviews before making any concrete holiday plans.

The research, which polled 500 people, found that a bad review causes 1/5 of us to look elsewhere for our accommodation, holiday or flights. Interestingly, women are more likely to check a range of reviews before reaching an opinion, whereas a larger proportion of men are immediately discouraged by a single bad review.

On the other hand, only ¼ of travellers actually write holiday reviews, when they return from a trip. Which means that a very small number of reviews can have a very big impact on our travelling decisions.

Judging from the research, it is obvious that other traveller or consumer reviews have a massive effect on our holiday decisions. One bad hotel review could potentially change travel plans, however on a positive note, 30% of respondents mainly post positive reviews, as opposed to the 7% who admitted mostly posting negative ones.

Next time you travel to a beautiful hotel or restaurant, have a great flight, or receive great customer service from your travel insurance company, make sure you show your appreciation by posting a positive review online, so that other travellers can share in your great holiday experience.

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