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Do you take all of Your Annual Holiday Entitlement?

According to recent research by, ¼ of us fail to take all of our annual holiday entitlement. The research found that unused holiday has potentially earned £5,000,000 of ‘free’ work for employers and boosted the economy by 2%. Meanwhile, employees feel too guilty and pressured to take holidays.

The research, which polled over two thousand people, found the top reasons for not taking holiday were;

·         Feeling guilty that colleagues would have more work while they were away.

·         Pressures at work made them feel they were too busy.

·         Worrying how taking time off would look to their bosses.

·         Worrying that they would miss out whilst away.

Although this work ethic does seem to have helped during the financial crisis, it could potentially backfire, as stress and exhaustion will inevitably affect productivity.

The moral of our story? Make sure you take all your annual leave, because a break will make you a happier and more productive employee in the long run.

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For more information on holiday entitlement and your basic employee rights, visit the Citizen’s Advice Bureauwebsite.
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