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Do you Travel Uninsured?

Research by has discovered that a worryingly high 3,000,000 Brits travel uninsured each year.

Many travellers think that insurance is unnecessary, and many rely on their EHIC to pay for medical bills. However, travel insurance should be a vital part of any holiday planning. Without it you’re leaving yourself vulnerable to a host of holiday disasters which could leave you severely out of pocket, or stuck abroad. Furthermore, the EHIC will not pay for repatriation, or if you lose your possessions, so it should not be considered a substitute.  

Worse still, of the people who had bought travel insurance 30% were unaware that they had to declare their medical conditions when they purchased the policy. Among the conditions mentioned asthma, diabetes and epilepsy were very common, probably because when these conditions are stable, people tend not to think about them. However, if any of these issues suddenly flare up abroad, it could leave you with some expensive medical bills.  You must declare any conditions to your insurer at the time of purchase to make sure you’re properly protected.  

Single Trip Travel Insurance from Holidaysafe starts from as little as *£4.84 and offers the following cover;

· Cancellation, repatriation, medical emergency, personal belongings, cash, travel documents and much more.

· UK, Europe and Worldwide options available.

· Multiple cover options, so you can pick the policy which best suits your budget and requirements.

· Over 100 sports and activities covered free of charge, with the option to include many more.

· A doctor managed emergency helpline, available 24/7.

· Free insurance for kids under our family policies, plus discounts for couples under our couple’s policy.

Enjoy what the world has to offer, with

*based on a standard policy, for an 18-35 year old travelling to Europe for three days.

Please note, Holidaysafe's online prices automatically include a 15% discount against our Customer Service Centre prices.
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