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Do you want a Delay Free Holiday?

Delays are the bane of any traveller’s journey; they ruin the holiday spirit, eat into your precious holiday time and even make you spend money. However, since new regulations came into power empowering passengers to seek compensation from airlines with long delays, it seems that many airlines are checking their watches more often.

For any holidaymakers planning a trip, FlightStats Inc. have revealed the world’s most prompt and punctual airlines based on their time keeping efforts in march 2013. According to their statistics, the World’s most ‘on time’ airline is South African Airlines, because over 92% of their flights arrived on time in March.

Other punctual airlines featured near the top of their list included Gulf Air (over 92% on time) SAA (over 90% on time), and Easy Jet (over 87% on time).

However, before delay phobic travellers rush to these airlines, it may be important to note that the airline had to deliver their flights within fifteen minutes of the scheduled time to count as ‘on time’ – so you could still face a delay of up to a quarter of an hour at the airport.

Nevertheless, the airlines in the top 10 have obviously worked very hard to push their statistics up, in fact on average most international airlines were only delivering 78% of their flights on time, up 1% from February’s survey.

If you do face a lengthy delay during your trip, there are certain things you can do, remember that some travel insurance policies offer a benefit for delays of 12 hours or more, and if the airline or transport provider cancels your flight, it is their responsibility to compensate you or get you on the next available flight.

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