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Don’t Forget your Passport

Holiday packing can be a nightmare, however if you strip everything back to the bare essentials all you really need to travel is your passport, your plane tickets and some currency – everything else can be purchased abroad or forgotten about. However, it would seem that travellers struggle with even this simple check list, with a recent survey by the Original Factory Shop finding that 1/10 travellers admitted to forgetting their passport, and many others owned up to forgetting airline tickets.

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Forgetting your tickets and passport could mean that your trip is over before it has even begun, if the delays mean that you miss your flight and have to re-book at last minute prices. However, the survey concluded that these vital documents formed part of the top 10 most forgotten items by travellers, which included;
• Toiletries

• Phone Charger

• Passport

• Airline/Accommodation documents

• Swimwear

• Underwear

• Sun cream

• Camera

• Booking any accommodation

• Sunglasses
This list changes dramatically when you separate male and female responses, with men placing things like sunglasses top of their packing list, whereas women seem to prioritise practical items like sun protection. Unsurprisingly the survey found that over 60% of women do all of the holiday shopping for their family or partner, and over 50% do all of the packing too.
If you’re planning a trip, try starting a checklist a few weeks before, and separate items into ‘to buy’ and ‘to pack’ columns. This should help you realise what you actually need to buy and what you already have, stopping you from blowing the holiday budget on unnecessary items. It will also give you the opportunity to add to the list if you suddenly remember something – hopefully alleviating any overlooking during last minute packing.
Just remember – passport, tickets, money!

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