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Dream Vacation Ends in £16,000 Misery

There is nothing more exciting than setting off on a dream holiday abroad – especially if you’ve been planning and saving towards the trip for a long time. However, for one family their dream trip became a nightmare, which almost cost them their lives.

Road signs to insurance and risk

Paulina Guevara, her boyfriend Xavier Boyle, his mother and brother had saved for three years to travel to Ecuador to visit Guevara’s family. The three month trip was extremely special, as Guevara had not returned home since moving to the UK over 10 years ago, and the holiday had cost £4,000.
However, just 13 days into the trip, the family boarded a bus to visit the Sierra Negra volcano in the Galapagos Islands – and this would mark the end of their dream vacation.
During the journey, the bus’s brakes failed, causing it to crash straight into the side of the volcano. The force of the impact threw Xavier through the air – trapping him between the bus and the ground. The other passengers were also injured by the force of the impact.
The bus driver didn’t have a working phone to call for help, so someone was sent by foot – however the nearest town was miles away. Luckily a local man had heard the crash, and drove to the scene to help the wounded.
Xavier’s arm and elbow were badly broken/dislocated, but he was forced to wait until everyone was off the bus before pulling himself out. The other members of the Boyle family and Guevara suffered a range of badly broken bones.
The family were rushed to the nearest public hospital, but were soon moved to a private hospital when the first threatened to amputate his arm, because they didn’t have the facilities to fix the break.
However, the nightmare was not yet over for the unlucky family, as the private hospital refused to let them return to the UK for further treatment before their £16,000 bill was paid in full. Unfortunately the family had not invested in travel insurance, and so were forced to beg family and friends for money – a feat which took 5 weeks.
The moral of this story? Never travel abroad without investing in quality travel insurance first!

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