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Drug Resistant Malaria is Spreading

When travelling worldwide it is important that travellers visit their doctor before they depart, to enquire if they need any extra inoculations or preventative medicines before travel. However, what would you do if there was no medicine which could protect you against a potentially fatal illness?

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The Mahidol-Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit has issued a serious warning about a drug resistant form of Malaria which is currently spreading through Burma. Malaria is usually treated with anti-malarial drug Artemisinin, but a certain strain of the parasite is proving completely resistant to the drug, prompting alarm and emergency strategies from medical experts.
Malaria is a dangerous tropical disease which is spread through mosquito bites, and if not treated properly, just a single bite could cause death. Symptoms include fever, sweats and chills, headaches, vomiting, muscular pain and diarrhoea, which usually appear around 7-18 days after infection.
The immediate concerns are the health of people in Burma, and the spread of the resistant strain to places like India or Africa, where the dense populations could put millions of lives at risk and cause a global health emergency.
If you’re planning a trip to somewhere like Africa or Asia, make sure you cover up and use mosquito repellent products to avoid bites. You should also ensure that you visit your doctor for advice and anti-malaria tablets a few weeks before you depart. You can also visit websites such as the World Health Organisation and NHS for further information.
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