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England’s Most and Least Popular Tourist Hot Spots

England truly is an amazing destination, offering a wealth of historical, cultural and architectural sites which simply must be seen, for example Big Ben, Stonehenge and the Tower of London – to name just a few.

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However, according to VisitEngland, there are many more attractions across the country which are a little less frequented. In fact, the tourist board recently conducted a survey of visitor figures in 2013 across 1,279 attractions to see which were the most and least popular.

The survey was split into free and paid for attractions, and unsurprisingly, free attractions such as the British Museum, the National Gallery and the National Art Gallery topped the most popular free list. Furthermore, topping the paid for list was The Tower of London, followed by St Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey.

The ‘least’ popular attractions based on visitor figures included;

  1. The Radar Tower– for just £1 per person you can visit the Essex tower which was used to detect German ‘E’ boats during the Second World War.
  2. The British in India Museum – located in Lancashire, and perfect for anyone interested in that era of history.
  3. North Ings Farm Museum – specialising in agricultural equipment, the farm museum would be a great day out if ever you’re in Lincolnshire.
  4. St Andrew’s Church – two Saxon crosses dating from the 9th century make this church in Durham a must visit.
  5. The Gissing Centre – if you’re a fan of George Gissing and his 23 novels, visit his birth place and museum in Wakefield.

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