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Entertaining Ibiza and Working Abroad


Why did you decide to go on a working holiday?

Because I love the sun and I love working with people of different nationalities.


Where have you been?

Mallorca and Ibiza


What did your job entail?

I was part of an entertainment team in a hotel, the job included working in Kids Club, arranging sports and activities for adults and teenagers, plus evening shows.


How old were you when you went?

20 years old


How long is the longest you have been away?

Six Months.

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How did you plan your trip? (E.g. through a website or by yourself?)

I found a company online which could plan the entire trip for me, I researched the company to check it was legit and then I applied online.


What percentage of time did you spend working/ having fun and exploring? (E.g. 40% working 60% free time) What was this like?

Mallorca = 80% working 20% free time – This was hard work but being in such a fun team made it much easier.

Ibiza = 50% working 50% free time – This trip was a lot more relaxed than my first season, I was in a smaller team so I had more time for myself and more time to soak up the experience.


Did you do any exciting/adventurous activities? (I.e. skiing/snowboarding)

I didn’t do anything too adventurous…I do go scuba diving and enjoyed lots of partying!


Did you face any problems whilst working abroad?

Luckily no, I had a slight injury in my leg during my first season which I went to the doctor for (which my company arranged for me) but that cleared up by itself so everything was okay.


What was the highlight of your trip?

Improving my languages and meeting great people!


Were there any low points during your time away from home? If so what were they?

No low points!

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Would you recommend working abroad? Or was it an experience you think isn’t for everyone?

Perhaps it isn’t for everyone; I’m quite multicultural anyway as I’m mixed nationality (half French half English) so I find it easy mixing with different nationalities. However from experience, some English people I met who worked abroad for a while found it hard mixing with different people especially due to language barriers.


What one piece of advice would you give anyone planning to work abroad?

I’d advise them to check everything is legit, make sure you get a contract if possible (depending on the job) and that you have spoken to as many people as possible in the company to give advice and just to generally help you with any issues you have before you go.


Would you recommend travelling solo or in a group?

It depends on the person. I used to think it was better travelling in a group because you can share experiences together, but after this season and speaking to different people I think going alone can be more liberating.


Would you work abroad again?



Has working abroad given you a taste for travel?

Yes, this season I really feel like I want to branch out further now and explore a bit more of the world.

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