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Could this be the most Epic Honeymoon Ever?

After meeting in 2007, Karolina and Bartek Wudniak have been indulging their travel passions together through a mix of short and long term European trips, but once they got engaged they embarked on planning a honeymoon to end all honeymoons, and 200 days later they are still enjoying their adventure.


In 2014 Bartek proposed in Italy, and one year and one wedding later, the couple began stage one of their epic trip, and now they’re gearing up for stage two in the coming months. So far their trip has taken them to Peru, Panama, Colombia, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador and Argentina.

Karolina is a freelance journalist, so she has been able to take her job around the world with her, but Bartek, who was working in the corporate sector, had to quit his job to make time for the trip. However, the couple has no regrets, and think their trip could last up to two years, exploring New Zealand, Australia and Asia.

The couple’s adventures have all been captured on their blog and Instagram, including stunning pictures of them kissing on the peak of the Vinicunca mountain and looking down on Machu Picchu together. In the adorable photos, Karolina is wearing her veil and Bartek is wearing his wedding bowtie.

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