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Family Gap Year

The recent Programme “My Families Crazy Gap Year”was an interesting programme about a couple and their two young children who decided to take a gap year from the UK to the Caribbean .in their Catamaran, Pegasus.

The father sailed from New Hampshire to Chesapeke., where the boat had a refit. In March 2008 the family sailed from Charleston South Carolina down the inter coastal waterway to Florida then over to the Bahamas.

In May 2008, they left the Bahamas bound for England via the Azores to see if they could sail as a family and if they liked it. They did, so they packed up the house, sold the cars and left Cowes Sept 21st 2008 bound for Northern Spain, then Madeira, Canaries, the Caribbean and onto Panama, the Canal and Pacific. Whilst sailing the passage to Columbia they hit rough seas and howling winds, but in the end they reached their destination and enjoyed swimming in the sea and became a very close unstressed family unit.

At the beginning of the film it was questionable how they could take two very young children on a boat, but by the end of this amazing documentary im sure most of us would be very envious.

Its January 2011 and they still continue on their mission to circumnavigate the globe

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