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Family Holiday Nightmares

Family holidays should be a time to relax and spend quality time together, however for one family their trip to Mexico turned into a complete nightmare.

Family Beach

Mr and Mrs Blakeway travelled from their home in Cheshire to Mexico with their two sons to attend a family wedding. They had booked their trip through Thomas Cook, and were staying in the Gran Caribe Real Resort & Spa in Cancun. It should have been a dream trip and a beautiful wedding, but unfortunately disaster struck quite quickly.
First of all, the entire family fell ill with a serious gastric bug, causing violent symptoms. Following an epidemic of similar complaints from guests, the hotel closed their restaurant and removed all cutlery and glasses. The hotel immediately bought in professionals to attend to the kitchen and disinfect rooms.
When the family had finally recovered from the terrible illness, they thought they could get the holiday back on track, but a short time later Mrs Blakeway had a very bad fall outside the restaurant, seriously injuring her back and causing her immense pain.
The family have since reached an out of court settlement with Thomas Cook; however their experience serves as a reminder to always remember the following:
• Purchase travel insurance to protect against any emergency medical bills and other holiday disasters.

• Make sure you have a valid EHIC, it is free from the NHS and should ensure you receive discounted or free medical treatment and prescriptions in European member state.

• If you’re ever unsure about food which has been served to you, such as under cooked meat or questionable shell fish, do not risk eating it! Send the food back and ask for something else or a replacement dish.

• If you are unhappy with anything on your trip, alert your holiday representative or a member of staff to ensure your comments and complaints are noted and taken seriously.

• Always follow basic hygiene advice, such as washing or disinfecting your hands at regular intervals.

• If you feel unwell, seek medical treatment immediately to ensure you get the right care quickly.

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