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Fancy Travelling to all 201 Countries, Avoiding Air Travel? Graham Hughes did.

An adventurer called Graham Hughes has become the first Brit to travel to all 201 countries without stepping foot on an airplane. He reached his final destination, South Sudan, last week, which wasn’t even a country when he began his trip.

Mr Hughes has entered the Guinness Book of Records for his journey, which began on New Year’s Day back in 2009. His trip cost approximately £10 per day, and he managed to get around by train, boat and bus, occasionally hitching rides on cargo ships and canoes too.

Among his highlights, Mr Hughes listed;

. Dancing with tribes in the jungle in Papua New Guinea.

. Observing one of the penultimate space shuttle launches in Cape Canaveral.

. Swimming with Jellyfish in the Pacific Ocean.

During his trip, the intrepid adventurer was actually arrested twice, firstly in Cape Verde after hitching a lift with a fishing canoe, and again in the Democratic Republic of Congo where he was jailed for six days accused of being a spy!

Now that Mr Hughes has completed his adventure, he still refuses to travel by air, and instead is going to travel home by bus and boat, and should arrive back to his home in Liverpool by Christmas.

His trip raised funds for the charity Water Aid, for more information on Mr Hughes and his trip, you can visit his website;

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