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Our Favourite Hidden Gems

When choosing a holiday, everyone has different motivations and requirements. This could be sightseeing, sunny beaches or somewhere full of activities. Some of us however, want to explore new places and have new adventures. We have compiled our favourite hidden gems for you to explore!

The Azores, Portugal

Portugal is obviously a well-known holiday destination, especially the Algarve.

As one of the two autonomous regions of Portugal, it is composed of nine volcanic islands in the North Atlantic Ocean west of Portugal itself.

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Fun Fact: The Azores are some of the tallest mountains worldwide!

You are able to climb the tallest at 7,713 ft. which will take you approximately three and a half hours depending on your pace.

Best known for whale and dolphin watching due to the islands being on the migration route for many of them.

On Pico specifically, you are able to descend into one of the world’s longest lava tubes to discover the stalagmites of lava as well as much more.

To get here, SATA, an Azorean airline fly direct from London as well as Ryanair and easyJet. SATA also offer daily flights between the islands airfields.

Flights range from £60 – £250 depending on the time of year. With Hotels ranging from £30-£200.

Perast, Montenegro

An old town situated on the bay of Kotor, and is known for its close proximity to the islets of St George and Our Lady of the Rocks.

At its peak back in the 18th century when it had as many as four shipyards with a fleet of one hundred ships.

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St. George is a natural island and on it resides the Saint George Benedictine monastery as well as the graveyard.

Our Lady of the rocks is an artificial island created by rocks and sinking ships, it holds a church and a museum as well as a gift shop.

This is another favourite if you enjoy walking, with many tracks to take across the small town.

Perast is a stunning picturesque village full of character with flights start from £550 taking approximately 6 hours, and accommodation from £60.

Corn Islands

The two islands are approximately 70 km east of the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua.

Only 1.5 sq. miles in size, but the beauty of the islands more than make up for it.

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You will need to be prepared as ATM’s are located on Big Corn Island, so ensure you bring cash, although some business’ now will accept cards.

This is the perfect place to just relax and take stock of your surroundings. But if you are wanting to get involved, you can go diving or snorkelling as well as horse back riding or fishing.

The island is big on fishing, because lobster fishing was its main source of income for a long time.

Water travel is also available between the islands daily, morning and afternoon.

Flights take over 13 hours, so this is a far flung hidden gem. Prices starting at £1050 with accommodation ranging between £20 – £200 depending on budget.


Wherever you are travelling to, ensure you have travel insurance in place once you have purchased to cover you for cancellation.

Do you have any hidden gems that we should know about?

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