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Film Buffs Travel the World to Recreate Favourite Movie Scenes

Two film fanatics from Cardiff have become internet legends, after they travelled around the world to hunt down their favourite movie or sitcom sets. Once found, the duo then recreated famous scenes using just their phones and IPads.


Tiia Ãhman and Satu Walden both 37 and originally from Finland, have travelled to hundreds of locations across the USA and Ireland to re-create movie or TV scenes using ‘scene framing’ technology. The pair took pictures of their favourite scenes on their IPads or phones, and then travelled to the original set location to fit the movie still into the background.
Ãhman and Walden began their project in 2013 by travelling around the UK, and then in 2014 they spent six weeks driving across North Americ, covering 7,500 miles to hunt down over 90 filming locations. The in 2015 the prject was continued when they travelled to Ireland to retrace the steps of the Game of Thrones cast.
The duo have visited sets including Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Fraiser, Breaking Bad, Pulp Fiction, Forest Gump, The Hangover and 12 Years a Slave – to name just a few, and have even watched filming and met cast members of their favourite shows.
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