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Following the Travelling Crowd

Most of us tend to ‘follow the crowd’ on things like fashion, music and art, either because experts tell us that these are the things to like, or because we don’t want to stray too far from the ‘norm’.

However, at other times it seems that we are all drawn to the same thing because it really is great, and it then becomes popular based on its own merit. This, it would seem, is what has happened with travel to Spain.

Spain has been a popular destination for many years, because it offers something for everyone; beautiful beaches, lively cities, stunning mountains, luxury, budget and culture.

According to recent figures, 2013 has been a great year for Spain so far – with record visitor numbers of over 30 million recorded for the first part of the year. In July alone, Spain welcomed nearly 8 million visitors from around the world, which is almost a 3% increase on the 2012 figures.

Breaking these Spanish visitor figures down by location, it is clear to see that Catalonia has proved most popular this July, with nearly a quarter of all international tourists to Spain travelling here. The Balearics, Andalucía, and the Canary Islands have also proved extremely popular.

UK tourists have greatly contributed to these figures, with nearly a quarter of all visitors to Spain in July being British.

If you’re interested in ‘following the travelling crowd’ and visiting Spain, there are many more options available than a simple beach holiday. You could opt for a luxury cruise around the Canary Islands, a sporting trip to Barcelona, or even a ski trip in the mountains. Just remember to purchase the best travel insurance for your trip before you depart.

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