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Forgetting Something?

We’ve all had that panicky feeling which causes us to ask the question; ‘have I forgotten something…’, and for most people this question is asked at some point during a holiday. On the whole, the majority of people will double check and find the item they were looking for, however for some the realisation that you’ve lost or left something behind, can mark a holiday disaster.

According to a recent survey of over 500 cabin crew from over 80 countries, nearly a quarter of all possessions found were passports, and mobile phones – both of which may mean that you cannot continue your trip. Other everyday common items found included car keys, jewellery and books.

However, every year similar surveys take place around the world, in places like airports, hotels and resorts, and many have reported finding things which were a little less common, and much more bizarre. The top items found include;

• Dentures – would you really not notice those were missing?

• Handcuffs

• Bags of sand – why would you need them on holiday?

• Diamonds and a diamond encrusted phone case

• Animals including; a falcon, python, frog, tortoise, parrot and kitten

• A wedding dress – what a disaster!

• Breast Implants – again, would you not notice?

• A spare car tyre

• A stamp album

• Cooking items including; a food processor, onions, a single egg, and bags of fish

If you’ve ever had that horrible, ‘have I forgotten something’ feeling, you need to make sure that you invest in quality travel insurance before you depart for your next trip. Insurance will protect you if your possessions are lost or stolen, so you can continue with minimal disruption to your holiday.

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