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Formula One – Brazilian Grand Prix

Any Formula One fans out there? We thought so.

This weekend sees a whole host of Sporting events including the Grand Prix which is being held in Brazil.


The first time this track was used to host was in 1973, and quickly became a firm favourite especially for local racers. The track was later named in honour of Carlos Pace following his unfortunate death in a plane crash, as his memorable Formula One triumph took place there.

The Grand Prix has been held here and also in Rio, which kept pipping Interlagos to the post, but since their $15m redevelopment it has stayed with them. Since Ayrton Senna’s death there has not been a Brazilian World Champion, but the fans are so passionate that the race is a highly anticipated event every year.

Although the main event takes place on Sunday, the whole weekend will be full of races galore as the drivers practice and go through the qualifying stage ahead of Sunday.

Timings are as follows in UK time:

We look forward to seeing the results and if you are going along, let us know!

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