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Four Backpacker Misconceptions

In recent years there has been a massive rise in the number of people who decided to set off on backpacking trips, and this surge has created several stereotypes surrounding the elusive ‘backpacker’.

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Many correctly view these travelers as brave, adventurous and cultured, whereas others see them as budget, tourist, and students.To celebrate the diversity of backpackers all over the world (and to banish some unfair stereotypes), here are the top four misconceptions explained;
1. They’re all students – actually, they range from teenagers to people in their 50s. The travel bug can bite at any time and age, so explorers range from gap year students, to career break adventures and even ‘grey gappers’.
2. They all go budget – (most likely linked to the student idea above,) many have saved for a long time to afford their trip, and they actually want to do it in style and luxury! On the other hand, others may stick to a tight budget so they can travel further for longer.
3. They’re just tourists – ok, technically most are on tourist visas, but what makes Longstay travelers different is that they will usually avoid tourist areas, instead opting to immerse themselves in everyday life like a local.
4. They’re solitary – although many people choose to head off alone for their adventure, this does not mean that backpackers are unsocial. Hostels and other hotspots are great places to meet fellow travelers, who can be great sources of knowledge and companionship. Backpackers usually return home with great friends dotted all over the world!
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