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The Four Passport Scams to Avoid

In 2015 alone, over 21,000 Brits reported that their passport had been lost or stolen, with consulates around the world issuing over 30,000 emergency travel documents to help get people home. This suggests that many Brits fell foul to thieves and pickpockets, and most importantly spent their holiday money (£100) and valuable time at the local Consulate or Embassy trying to get home.


To encourage Brits to be #PassportAware, the FCO has launched a new campaign to make people aware of the risk to their passports and valuables whilst abroad. A key part of their campaign is the ‘Passport Hustle’ video, which shows crime expert James Freedman demonstrating four techniques used by thieves to swipe a passport from your possession, and offers tips on how to avoid becoming a victim.

Each scenario is shocking in its simplicity, ranging from simple pickpocketing and sleight of hand, to posing as city officials and helpful strangers. The video can be viewed below;



The FCO’s top tips for keeping your passports safe are:

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