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Gap Year Mistakes

It is extremely common for teenagers and young adults who are travelling abroad on gap years, first holidays or sporting tours, to commemorate their new found freedom by getting a tattoo or piercing to mark the event. Sadly, however, it has recently been reported in the travel news that a boy, who got a tattoo whilst travelling through Australia, returned home only to find that he had contracted HIV.

These kinds of occurrences are all too common, as people are attracted by the extremely low prices offered by tattoo and piercing parlours abroad, plus the new found freedom and wish to rebel. However, using a budget parlour can be dangerous, as the equipment is often not properly sterilized between customers, and this creates an extremely high risk of infection and disease. Furthermore, tattoos and piercings come with a strict after care regime, which many holidaymakers fail to understand if there is a language barrier.

Health Authorities obviously strongly advise against getting tattoos and piercings in a foreign country, and in fact warn against any procedures which carry the risk of breaking the skin. For example, razors used in male haircuts, tools used in manicures and injections/stitches. They advise that you directly ask to see the tools sterilized before you allow a procedure, and to always carry a first aid kit when travelling.

This is extremely sensible advice, and another piece of sensible advice is to make sure you protect yourself against unforseen medical bills whilst you are away, by making sure that you have medical travel insurance.

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