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Get more for your Money this Half Term

Planning a half term break can be expensive, however holidaymakers could get a lot more for their money this year, thanks to the strength of the Great British Pound against other currencies.

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According to the International Currency Exchange, compared to this time last year, the Pound has better conversion rates, meaning that families could get up to 13% more money than their half term break last year. In fact, if you’re planning a trip to Turkey, you could get more than 195 extra Turkish Lira on a £500 exchange.
On the other hand, if you’re planning a trip to somewhere like Spain or Portugal, the Pound vs. Euro conversion has apparently reached a two year high, with over 5% more Euros than your exchange last year.
If you’re planning to travel a little further afield, the Pound is also looking great against the Canadian Dollar, and families travelling to US theme parks will also find that they get better value than in 2013.
Gatwick Airport are expecting more than one million half term travellers to pass through their airport over the weekend, so hopefully families have considered where their money will stretch furthest when choosing a half term destination.
This news just goes to show that booking early isn’t the only way to ensure your holiday is as bargain friendly as possible, it also pays to consider where your money will go furthest if you’re on a strict budget.
If you’re planning a last minute trip, the most popular destinations to consider this half term include;

• Barcelona

• Dublin

• Tenerife

• Orlando
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