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Get your Kicks on Route 66

Billy Connolly recently fulfilled his lifelong dream when he travelled the 2488 mile road ‘Route 66’ in America on his motor bike. The four part ITV series saw Mr Connolly visiting all the important sites and truly living the American dream to a soundtrack of ‘ultra-cool’ music.


If you yearn for the open road, but you don’t fancy auditioning for Coach Trip, then why not see the sights of America, the UK, Europe , or even India by going on a motor biking Holiday? Biking is a great way to explore a destination, plus you don’t need to cope with the hassle of the airport – simply hop on the bike and see where the open road takes you!
Just remember to invest in specialist motorcycle travel insurance before you set off. In our experience many bikers will ensure their bike is fully protected, but will forget to insure themselves and the trip. Furthermore, it is a letter known fact that, generally, travel insurance policies will only provide cover if you are riding a 125cc motor bike or less!
If your vision of looking cool and dangerous in your leathers on the back of a monstrously powerful bike has just been replaced by the image of you sitting on a moped looking silly, then don’t despair.
Simply visit, they are travel insurance specialists who have created a policy for the real Biking enthusiast.
With this policy you can ride any size motorbike, providing you have a valid license which allows you to ride the vehicle here in the UK. Plus the bike can be yours, on loan from a friend or rented and you can drive it on road, on track or off road; depending on your level of adventure, and if you pay a bit extra you can participate in races without fear of huge medical expenses if you’re injured.

Motorcycle Travel Insurance Policy

Holidaysafe’s Motorcycle Travel Insurance also covers:

• Lost, stolen or damaged leathers, boots, helmets, gloves and tail/tanks bags

• Cover for medical emergencies, personal possessions, cancellation and much more.

• A medical emergency helpline is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

• Cover if you cannot ride your bike, and cover to collect your bike if you are forced to leave it behind due to illness, injury or mechanical failure.
• £300 for stolen or damaged boots,

• £750 for a stolen or damaged helmet,

• £75 for gloves

• £100 for your tail pack/tank bag

So start planning your adventure today, and visit our motorbike holiday insurance policy page for more details and to get a quote.

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