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Getting from A to B

When planning a trip abroad, getting from A to B and home again is usually one of the first things travelers book, whether they’re travelling by air, sea or rail. However for Longstay travelers this part of the planning process can prove more difficult, and usually involves more letters from the alphabet.


Backpackers usually plan longer than average trips abroad, visiting several locations within various destinations as opposed to just one. If you’re planning on visiting multiple countries or places during your trip abroad, follow the advice below;
Make sure you budget adequately – the first rules of travelling are 1. Research and 2. Prepare for the unexpected. You need to make sure that you have done enough research and planning before you depart for your trip. You may find that there is a strike on your departure day, and another form of transport now needs to be found – this is where room in your budget and some pre-planning will be invaluable.
Do lots of research – instead of simply booking flights to get you from A to B to C etc., do some research into destination guides and other traveler experiences. You may find that there are cheaper ways to travel, or even that you decide to change your travel plans to accommodate somewhere on the way.
Avoid travel sickness – suffering with motion sickness can be horrible if you’re doing a lot of travelling. To avoid it, try to sit facing the direction of travel, in a place where you will feel the least motion, and watch what you eat and drink before and during a long journey.
Don’t ignore other forms of transport – many people opt for only one or two forms of transport, however there are usually an array of options available depending on where and how far you want to travel. Travelling by plane or boat will usually be the quicker and easier options; however bus or rail could be cheaper and would also give you a chance to explore the destination a bit more.
Have a phrase and guide book – Just in case you do get lost or need some information, having a guide and phrase book should help you to get back on the right path.

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